Discipline is key to organisational growth

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world early last year, the airline industry was among the first sectors that felt the crisis’s impacts as almost every country closed doors to protect itself from the raging pathogen.

However, amid the crisis, a handful of airlines recovered faster than others, and Cathay Pacific Airways is one.

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The 85-people team of the airline’s Bangladesh operation, led by Country Manager Ahmed Reza, took the risk and kept the cargo flight section intact during the pandemic. As a result, it clocked 65 per cent growth in cargo operations.

“As the passenger operation was closed, our passenger team willingly moved to cargo operation. That’s the feeling of respect and ownership in an organisation,” he said.

Based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is the fifth largest airline in the world, flying to 200 destinations in 60 countries.

During Reza’s long stint at British Airways, his boss once advised him to grow the feeling of owning the organisation, and to do whatever he could do for the betterment of the company.

“That really worked. Even after switching job, that entrepreneurial spirit stays if someone persistently follows that,” he said.

The pandemic brought about strategic changes to Cathay Pacific’s operation, and it has initiated innovation, especially in cargo sales.

“The airline industry has been affected by the pandemic. We are constantly analysing the market and discussing development,” he said.

According to Reza, discipline has made a massive difference to Cathay Pacific’s global operation, turning it into a successful operator over the decades.

“Discipline is a major factor in any organisation to grow, and it is impossible to achieve success in an undisciplined organisation.

“If we say internal discipline, it is about time performance. Everything must be organised, and airline staff have to maintain uniformity.”

There must be uniformity in the service, discipline, a…

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