New Research Report On Smart Bags Market Is Growing In Huge Demand In 2018-2028

Smart bag is an application-specific design that can be useful for almost everyone in the society. Smart bags are intelligent enough to carry out various features such as USB charging ports, built-in weighing scale, TSA-approved lock and an anti-theft feature. It has the ability to transmit its location via GPS and cell phones. The solar panels attached in front of the smart bags not only charge the power banks but also to power the whole GPS and Bluetooth system. Some smart bags come with the RF-ID technology that stores data about the required items. It has an emergency button, which when pressed sent text to three emergency numbers and will solve the problem in any threatening situations.

Smart Bags – Market Dynamics

Increasing airline travel and tourism, innovations in product design and quality, demand for IoT (Internet of things)-based applications are the significant key drivers for global smart bags market. With the increasing consumer focus on luggage security, the demand for smart bags is also growing. The emergency button feature in smart bags will help the female consumers and aid in the expansion of global smart bags market. The prominent driver for the growth of smart bags market is the ease of availability of a product. Consumers are more willing to purchase smart bags from the branded outlets where a variety of brands are available.  Availability of products on e-commerce websites and also at retail stores aids in the expansion of the smart bags market. The third-party online channels provide worldwide home delivery of the product which increases the sales of the product.

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Several airlines including Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Qantas, Air Canada and British Airways have banned the use of smart bags in flight as they contain Lithium-ion batteries, which increases the…

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