UK Tourism Groups Lose Lawsuit Against British Travel Restrictions

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The pandemic has decimated the travel industry, with the number of people traveling falling to record lows and thousands of businesses forced to close around the world. Restrictions and rules imposed by governments to facilitate safer ways to travel have been unpopular, leading many travelers to voice their disapproval.

UK Travel Groups Lose Case Against British Traffic Light Travel System

There are also those who have done more than just complain – some have even launched legal challenges against the restrictions. One such group who decided to dispute the restrictions in court is the Manchester Airports Group, which yesterday found out that they were unsuccessful in their challenge. Here’s a closer look at this story, and what it might mean for the future of the traffic light system in the UK.

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Travel Industry Challenge – Backstory for Travelers

Ever since the UK went live with its traffic light system of re-starting travel back in May, it has been a bone of contention with not only the British public, but with companies who operate within the travel industry. Feeling that enough was enough, the Manchester Airports Group – along with other interested parties such as Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways, TUI and Virgin Atlantic – decided to take the matter further and appealed for more transparency in the government’s decision-making process.

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In their legal challenge, the companies stated that the “opaque way that decisions are being made is undermining consumer confidence in the traffic-light system and makes it impossible for airports, airlines and other travel companies to plan for the recovery of international travel or work with the government on future reviews.” The Chief Executive of British Airways – the UK’s national carrier – also added that he felt the UK was at risk of being left behind as Europe was moving at a quicker pace to reopen.

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Challenge Unsuccessful – Information For Travelers

Yesterday, on July…

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