How Heathrow’s airline Covid test prices compare

International travel is set to get even more hectic thanks to Covid-19 testing.

Heading abroad for a summer holiday was never easy even before Covid, but once we’re allowed to jet off into the sunshine again we’ll need to ensure we’ve had our tests.

Most countries such as Greece, Portugal and Croatia require proof of a negative PCR test and the tests don’t come cheap.

Of course we can’t travel yet but as soon as Prime Minister Boris Johnson allows for holidays, you’ll need to know how much you’re going to need to fork out for the tests.

Prices for the test can start from £120 from some companies – which could prove hefty when you factor in other family members and friends.

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Berkshire’s local airport Heathrow has numerous airliners flying out which offer Covid tests.

To help, we’ve compared the prices of them all for you to see how much you’ll need to spend on top of your holiday.

Here are the Covid test prices compared for Heathrow’s airliners:

British Airways

If you’re looking to fly with British Airways, fortunately the company offers multiple tests all with discounts.

For example you could get a Randox PCR swab test with a 50 per cent discount through BA meaning you’ll pay £60 rather than £120.

As well as that you could get a CityDoc test for £80 instead of £115.

Other test providers you can get with a BA discount include Halo, Medicspot, Qured and LetsGetChecked.

BA also offers discounts for testing centres and airport tests.

You can find out more information on BA’s website here.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways previously announced last year that all passengers from the UK must now test negative for Covid before being allowed to fly with the airline.

At the moment only discounts on test for those travelling from Abu Dhabi have been announced.

Anyone travelling from Abu Dhabi can get a discounted test at G42 and LifeDx Clinics across…

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