Indian expats in UAE cancel, delay summer holiday plans over fear of getting stranded

June to August are usually peak travel times, as they coincide with school summer holidays.

As peak travel season approaches, a majority of Indian expatriates in the UAE are cancelling or putting their plans to travel home for the summer on hold, Khaleej Times has learnt.

The months from June to August are usually peak travel times for Indian expatriates, as they coincide with school summer holidays.

However, uncertainty over the ongoing suspension on incoming passengers from India, as well as the intensive vaccination campaign for teenagers in the UAE, are primary reasons for the low demand, said Indian residents and travel agents.

“Peak travels to India are closely tied with school holiday seasons. In this case, the UAE has announced a robust vaccination campaign for students aged 12-15. Parents are concerned that, if they travel over the summer, their children might miss their vaccination schedules,” said Raheesh Babu, general manager of, an online travel agency.

“Due to this, there is a high chance that school students may have to return to campus in September,” he added. “Since the travel situation to India is highly volatile, residents are avoiding the trip because they also fear getting stranded.” The agency said it has received several cancellations on bookings as well.

The suspension of incoming passenger traffic from India to the UAE began on April 24. It was extended on May 4 by the UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) in light of a deadly second wave of Covid-19 currently affecting India.

A fortnight ago, Emirates Airlines announced an extension on the suspension of passenger flights from India to the UAE until June 30.

Currently, only a certain category of travellers, including golden visa holders, diplomats, and those with special permissions are allowed to travel.


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