Last Week at Economy Class and Beyond (6th June) – Economy Class & Beyond

It’s the end of a rather turbulent week in the world of travel. Let’s look back in Last Week at Economy Class and Beyond.

Feared by the bad, Loved by the Good, Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Robin Hood (Robin Hood Statue, Nottingham).

UK Green List Changes and fallout

EU Travel Certificate

Passenger Experience

Emirates Routes and Networks

Stuff I didn’t cover

United Airlines signs with Boom for Supersonic aircraft – Others are covering this in better detail such as The Air Current

Next week

It’s going to be a tough week ahead next week as airlines and consumers are struggling to understand the logic the UK government is working under.

We will be here as always, covering the changes you need to know, as well as the latest in passenger experience, network news and whatever else that I think is more than a little interesting.

Until then – stay safe out there.

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