The Superjumbo Decade: Emirates’ Top A380 Routes Revealed

Think of the A380 and you’ll probably think of Emirates. The airline has operated the type to 73 airports since 2011, and on a peak day in 2019 it had 90 A380 departures from Dubai.

Emirates A380
Emirates has used its A380s to 73 airports in the past decade. Photo: Getty Images.

Emirates is the king of the A380. From 2011 to 2021, it had just under half of the world’s A380 capacity, with 193 million of the 398 million seats by all airlines. In contrast, Singapore Airlines – the second-largest user of A380s – had just 43 million, nearly four-and-a-half times fewer than Emirates, analyzing OAG data reveals.

Emirates A380
If the past decade is combined, Amsterdam was Emirates’ 13th-largest A380 route. Photo: Getty Images.

A core part of Emirates’ fleet

The A380 has been an increasingly important part of Emirates’ fleet. In 2011, when the full-service airline had eight types and models of passenger aircraft in service, the A380 had 13% of its total capacity. Come 2019, that had risen to 41%, helped by Emirates’ fleet simplifying around the B777-300ER, B777-200LR, and A380.

Emirates fleet
The simplification of Emirates’ fleet is very plain to see. Source: OAG Schedules Analyzer.

73 routes since 2011

Since 2011, Emirates has used the A380 to some 73 airports and 44 countries around the world. The vast majority were normal scheduled services, including to Muscat, some 217 miles away. It had up to two A380 flights a day. It also used the type to Doha, 235 miles away, ending with the Qatar blockade in 2017.

Alongside scheduled services were a good handful of one-off flights or those operated for a minimal time only. Emirates used the A380 to Chicago in 2016, while Beirut received it in 2018.

Emirates A380
Some 14 airports have seen Emirates’ A380 on a one-off or very limited-time basis since 2011. Image: GCMap.

Top-10 routes

If 2011-2021 is combined, Emirates’ top-10 A380 routes are as follows, with only two – Heathrow and Bangkok – having over 10 million seats each. Between all 10, they had over 90…

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