The World’s Biggest LEGO Airplane Took 10 Months to Build, With 40,000 Pieces

When you’re good at something, you’re constantly trying to outdo yourself. So, if you’re someone who’s passionate about building Lego aircraft, and you’ve already mastered the Boeing 747, the next logical step is to go for the ultimate challenge – the biggest passenger airplane in the world. That would be the Airbus A380, a wide-body aircraft with such an extensive career that it has already become a legend.

The custom Lego Airbus A380, modeled after the Emirates Airline version, is a massive 90 lbs (40.8 kg) replica with a 7 feet (2.1 meters) wingspan and 6 feet (1.82 meters) length. Just by looking at this impressive Lego build, it’s no wonder that it took the creator 10 month to complete it, using around 40,000 pieces. That’s because he wanted to recreate the Emirates version in detail, including the famous lounge area and first-class suites.

Be removing each modular segment of the roof, you get access to the first upper deck. This is where the luxury suites await, each with a mini-bar, an entertainment screen mounted on the wall, a working lamp and even sliding doors. Passing by the business class, you get to the exclusive lounge area, with a mini-bar for refreshments. The upper deck is also removable, for full access to the second one, where the economy class passengers are getting comfortable. Again, intricate details surprise you at every step, even though the giant food kind of spoils the illusion.

Besides its dimensions and intricacy, another amazing thing about this LEGO airplane is its functionality. All 4 of the engines are powered by Lego power function motors, while the flaps and spoilers can be extended, thanks to Lego’s powered up XL motor at the base of the wings. Functional cargo doors and 16 functioning doors complete the design.

Add to this the unique personality of each passenger on the Superjumbo, as they are waiting for takeoff, and you can truly say you’ve been immersed in the experience of flying on the world’s…

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