World-traveling YouTubers find enchantment in Mexico City

Ever dream about dropping everything and becoming a full-time nomad? A young couple has been doing just that since early 2019 and have been documenting their visits to destinations around the world over the past two years on YouTube.

Ernestas Tyminas, 28, and Darina Karpitskaya, 30, the creators of the Dream Team Travels channel, recently passed through Mexico for the first time and made a video about their experiences in Mexico City. It has been viewed over 33,000 times.

The couple, currently in Malta, said they were enchanted with Mexico City’s culture, food, architecture and the kindness of its people.

“We spent one week there, and we don’t think we visited half of what we wanted to,” Tyminas said.

In their splashy, jump-cut video, the couple takes viewers to various tourist sites — riding the boats in Xochimilco; visiting Frida Kahlo’s house, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the zócalo; and sampling mezcal for the first time at the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal. Throughout the video, the couple express an almost wide-eyed appreciation for what they described as the city’s beauty, cosmopolitan setting, its friendliness and culture.

Travel YouTubers Ernestas Tyminas and Darina Karpitskaya on the street near Plaza Garibaldi.

“Mexico City was very beautiful and a unique destination,” Tyminas said. “We were impressed by the architecture, the size of the city and how much there is to do! The people were also kind in Mexico City and tried to chat with us.”

A highlight for them was Frida Kahlo’s house, where they loved getting to see the artifacts of her life there with her husband, Diego Rivera. What surprised them about the city, Tyminas said, was the number of police on the streets.

“It was a lot more than anywhere else I’ve ever seen,” he said.

Unlike many such travel videos, they also showed glimpses of the poverty.

“We know that it may be controversial, and locals may not like that, but we try to just show what we see,” he…

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