AAV News in Brief 19 July 2021 – Asian Aviation

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Deutsche Aircraft progresses on D328ecoTM landing gear: As a key milestone within the D328ecoTM aircraft development programme, Deutsche Aircraft announced it has successfully concluded the first series of tests at the facilities of the Germany-based partner Heggemann on the new landing gear, currently in development to be fitted onto the D328ecoTM aircraft. The landing gear development programme has now officially entered into the detail design phase. As part of the development programme, Heggemann is building three testbeds for systems engineering bench tests as well as evaluation on first prototypes for the D328ecoTM. Heggemann will provide the complete landing gear structures and systems of both main- and nose landing gear. This new landing gear will allow the D328ecoTM to inherit the robustness of its predecessor D328, and will increase operational capabilities towards the higher aircraft operational weight. Furthermore, the new landing gears will support unpaved runway operation, on a variety of rough surfaces such as grass, gravel, ice and sand.

ALSIM ALX for Liberty University: ALSIM Simulators announced the sale of an ALX to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, USA. This will be Liberty’s first ALSIM simulator. Liberty opted for all available flight models in the ALSIM ALX, which starts with a single engine piston close to a Cessna 172 and reconfigures to a medium jet similar to an Airbus 320.The ALX has many advanced features including complex overhead, dual FMS and ALSIM’s new visual system. The versatile device provides a wide range of flight training services from a student pilot’s first flight with an analogue flight deck to the more advanced jet orientation training. The ALX is ALSIM’s best-selling device to date with more than 100 installed worldwide. Liberty owns and operates over 25+ aircraft primarily Cessna 172, and Piper Seminoles. Two years ago Liberty moved into a world class…

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