Boeing Stock Price Moves 8.35% In June – Time to Buy BA Stock?

Boeing (BA) stock ended the last trading session at $237.35, marking a -0.78% change for the week. This Boeing price surpassed the S&P 500’s daily loss of -1.31%.

Following a week-long price swing, Boeing price gained 8.35% on the open of trade on Monday, breaking even from last month’s price slump and outpacing the Aerospace sector’s gain of 4.96%.

The aviation industry has been hard hit by the global pandemic, with customers no longer taking flights. Investors have moved on to other sectors, with tech stocks performing remarkably well. Big Tech like Apple and Amazon grew 80% and 74% in 2020, while the wider tech market ended the year by 14%.

The aviation sector is just picking itself from the mud as the world grapples with the spread of the virus. Boeing, much like other airplane builders, has seen its revenue dry up and the sector stalling. Alongside this, regulatory action on its 737 MAX for the past two years has negatively impacted the Boeing price action.

But it seems the airplane builder is gradually stepping out of the woods as the world resumes activities in a post-pandemic era.

If you are wondering if this might be the right time to buy Boeing stock at a low price, this Boeing price article will take a closer look at the company’s future potential and the current technical data of the stock to see if it is a good buy or not.

BA Stock – What Are Analysts Saying?

Boeing price recovery path has not been smooth for the last two years. Starting with the March 2019 crash of the Ethiopian Airline’s Boeing 737 Max, Boeing price fell from an all-time high (ATH) of $430.30 to $323.83, suffering a 25% decline in Dec. 2019.

Following the commencement of the global restriction of international flights, Boeing price fell further to a new five-year low to $95.01 on March 2020 as the pandemic ravaged the world.

However, in Nov. 2020, Boeing price saw a strong recovery from its $95.01 valuation following a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decision…

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