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Contributed – May 28, 2021 / 7:03 pm | Story: 335366

It appears that the USA isn’t the only place where unreality seems to be prevalent. It seems that right here in the Okanagan reason has deserted her throne. The TV and papers are trumpeting affordable subsidized housing as a panacea to the unaffordability problem. One bedrooms being priced at $950 a month and two bedrooms at $1,600 a month this is proclaimed to be a deal.

It is a fact that low income seniors have an average monthly income of about $1500 a month. So how is this “affordable” housing a boon? It is certainly not low income seniors rushing to rent these places at really extortionate prices. The government and real estate developers are saying that this is what the market can bear. But they are not in a low income senior’s situation. And it is pretty obvious that they do not care.

They are fine living in their affordable nice dwellings. They are driving seniors out of Kelowna, just like what is happening in Vancouver. No, they don’t care. I thought Canada was a country where people cared about you. Obviously I was very wrong. There is no serious attempt to house low income seniors in Kelowna. No wonder there are so many homeless people on the streets of this town. It is obvious that those numbers are very likely to increase. I hope I am not one of them.

Laurence Marshall, Kelowna

Contributed – May 28, 2021 / 7:01 pm | Story: 335365

Again Canada is in the World spotlight for the treatment of aboriginal children.

Absolutely disgusting

We have had no end of government investigations, federal and provincial.

Our political parties for many years have been studying how to properly compensate families, and individuals who were treated so horribly and scarred for generations.

Of course I am unable to comprehend the pain because I was not there.

Our governments, police, and independent studies have identified over 5299 abusers, There have been

less than 50 charged.

Good God that’s 1…

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