Bawara Dil, 15th June 2021, Written Update: Shiva can’t stop himself anymore

MUMBAI: Scene 1
Shiva tells Sidhi that we have to leave today only, Jalwa was telling me that the weather is going to be bad tomorrow. Sidhi says Soni was saying the same thing, let me check the app. Shiva says they checked already so don’t waste time but if you have a problem staying in the same hotel room with me then.. Sidhi says why would I have a problem? I mean.. we live in the same room daily, you say weird things. I will go and tell Yashwant.

Mangala comes to Vailash and asks if the plan is ready? Vailash says I have a full-proof plan. Sidhi can’t leave without our approval. He shows her the house map and says let’s look at their room. Vijaya comes there and says let’s have dinner. Shiva and Sidhi left so it’s only us. Mangala says where did they go? Vijiya says they left for Pune as the weather is bad. She goes from there. Mangala shouts at Vailash that you are useless.

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Shiva and Sidhi come to their hotel room in Pune. Sidhi is dressed in a pretty blue saree. Shiva smiles at her and says tonight feels different. Sidhi says what do you mean? Shiva says we didn’t argue or fight all day. Let’s do something special. Sidhi smiles. Shiva says I will order special milk. Sidhi makes a face and says order a chilled beer for me. Shiva is stunned and says what? She says yes, strong. Shiva can’t believe it. Sidhi smirks and makes him close his mouth, she says it was a joke. I don’t drink beer, order a cold coffee for me. She says I liked seeing you shocked. Shiva murmurs I didn’t know she can joke. She says what did you say? He says nothing. Suddenly the lights go off. Shiva gets scared and hugs Sidhi. Sidhi turns on her mobile flash and asks him to calm down. She hugs him and says I am here, look at me. Shiva looks at her. Sidhi says I am with you, calm down. The lights come back, Shiva and Sidhi are close. Shiva moves away…

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