Go First market share rises to 8.3%; sees healthy load factor

Go First market share rises to 8.3%; sees healthy load factor&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

Key Highlights

  • GO FIRST was recently rebranded from GoAir

  • The airline also increased its market share to 9.6% in April as compared to 7.8% in March 2021

  • As per DGCA report, the carrier flew 5.47 lakh passengers in April and received only 0.1 complaints for every 10,000 passengers

Mumbai: Private air carrier GO FIRST, formerly known as GoAir, registered a high passenger load factor (PLF) at 70.9% in June 2021, increasing its market share to 8.3% as per the data released by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). 

The airline had the least cancelled flights at 0.1% and minimum passenger complaints at 0.1%. This speaks volumes about the carrier’s operational efficiency and commitment to optimum customer service. It continued to score a steady 92.2% in On-Time Performance (OTP).

Kaushik Khona, CEO, GO FIRST, said, “After a couple of extremely tough months for the sector, June brought back much-needed optimism. While the civil aviation industry has been grappling with the pandemic, GO FIRST has continued in its efforts to provide customers’ exemplary service.” 

“GO FIRST has simultaneously undertaken initiatives for the welfare and safety of its employees, which translates into customers’ safety. GO FIRST is one of the first airlines in India to start the vaccination process for its employees, the airline said in a statement. 

It is worth adding that earlier this month, the airline said that it is looking to expand operations in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)…

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