How to perform instant air dashes in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Some of the most important parts of Dragon Ball FighterZ are having diverse mixups, good block-strings, and well-timed cross-ups. None of this is possible without instant air dashing.

Instant air dashing is one of the most basic movement options taught to beginners of the game. It is far more reliable than super dashing and sees more utility in pro play.

This guide will explain why and how to instant air dash.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to instant air dash

Why instant air dash in the first place?

As mentioned above, instant air dashing is the quickest way to move forward while in the air, granting characters access to an overhead move that can be used to punish crouch-blocking.

It can also be used to cross-up the enemy and confuse them on how to block.

Instant air dashes aren’t nearly as punishable as super dashes, which is what gives them their utility. An opponent cannot punish with 2H like they normally do, making the offense more secure.

How to instant air dash

There are two ways to instant air dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Using the button dash

If the player presses the forward direction while pressing H & S, then the character will dash forward.

So by jumping and immediately pressing (6,H,S), it is possible to get an instant air dash. This method; however, is not recommended because it is easy to mess up.

If the inputs aren’t performed properly, the result will be a super dash and not an instant air dash.

Using the directional keys

The recommended method for instant air dashing in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Pressing forward twice after immediately jumping is challenging to the muscle memory of newcomers but is undoubtedly faster and more reliable.

The only way to perform this consistently is by practicing the input multiple times in training mode until it registers in muscle memory.

Making the instant air dash count

It’s important to understand instant air dashing is a purely offensive tool in Dragon Ball FighterZ as it cannot be used to backdash from opponents, only…

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