Jet 2 flight from Manchester to Greece forced to U-turn due to mid-air fault

A plane returned to Manchester this morning mid-flight to Greece.

Passengers got on board the Jet 2 flight at 6am but returned only hours later.

It was due to land in Kalamata at 11.55am local time.

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However the flight turned around over France and headed back to Manchester Airport.

Flight tracking app Flight Radar had said the status of the Boeing 737-8MG was ‘diverted’.

A spokesperson from Jet 2 said: “Flight LS1765 from Manchester to Kalamata followed standard procedure and returned to Manchester Airport after the pilot reported a minor fault indication.

“The aircraft landed safely and customers were transferred onto an alternative aircraft. They are now making their way to Kalamata to enjoy their holidays.”

A spokesperson from the airport said that there was ‘no cause for alarm’.

Greece is currently on England’s ‘amber list’.

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