Kenya Airways pilots seek IMF audience in turn around plan

A key element that arose from the inquiry is the general mismanagement at the airline, KALPA notes.

“It is unfortunate that to date, most of the Senate report recommendations have never been implemented, despite the thorough and comprehensive audit of the airline done through the inquiry,” KALPA general secretary and CEO, Captain Murithi Nyagah, says in the letter.

“Interesting to note, but not surprising, the same has been the common denominator amongst other documented audit reports and findings that have been conducted,” Nyagah adds, “As your team engages the government of Kenya in evaluating KQ, it is important that the 2015 Kenya Senate report is included and factored as you formulate solutions.”

The 43-year old association, representing over 400 KQ pilots, notes the airline’s management has failed to implement reforms despite spending millions of dollars in audits and consultancies.

Some of these include Seabury Consulting in 2015 and Mckinsey Consulting(2015-2016).

A Deloitte forensic audit report (2016) revealed levels of corruption amongst sections of KQ management, some of whom colluded with bankers, suppliers and oil companies to steal from the airline through forgery and manipulation of accounts, KALPA notes.

These audits and consultancies ostensibly cost the airline excessive amounts, running into millions of dollars, billed at a time when KQ was undergoing severe cash constraints.

“Your evaluation of the airline will reveal that KQ leadership has an exceeding dependence/reliance on staff restructuring strategies. In the last 10 years, the airline has conducted at least five major staff rationalisation exercises,” Murithi notes in the letter.

Yet despite the expensive audits and staff layoffs, poor financial performance continued to persist, he says.

“These examples are just but a tip of the iceberg to illustrate how the KQ leadership consistently employ deficient business models to remedy the organisation’s continued loss making…

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