KQ partners with American company to boost Kenya’s tourist numbers

National carrier Kenya Airways (K.Q.) has partnered with American company TDE-Tourism in a strategic move facilitated by Kenyan marketing firm Frontier Marketing to boost passenger numbers on the direct flight from New York to Nairobi.

TDE Tourism is a division of Toussaint Duchess Entertainment (TDE) run by US-based former Hollywood actress and Broadway theatre veteran Lady Toussaint Duchess popularly known as Lady T.

The campaign dubbed ‘Journey to Africa with Lady T’ is to develop a strong tourism market for Kenya among the African American society, many of whom trace their ancestry in Africa.

“Following a year of unprecedented uncertainty, we continue to join arms to catalyse a generation of opportunities and establish a path to a more sustainable business with our customers at the

heart of driving our purpose. As you fly with us, I hope you see and feel the commitment we have placed to serve our customers better and meet their rising expectations at every point of their journey, whenever and wherever they travel with us.” Kenya Airways Chief Commercial and Customer Officer, Julius Thairu said.

According to a report released by the Tourism Research Institute, the U.S. market tops as a source of tourists in the first half of 2021 with 49,178 tourists.

Receiving the tourists on arrival, Ms Jacquie Muhati, Kenya Airways Head of Marketing, Brand and Sustainability, reiterated that partnerships such as these with TDE Tourism and Frontier Marketing remain central as the U.S. market is essential to the KQ Network.

Mr Joseph Kimotho, the Managing Director of Frontier Marketing and partner in TDE, noted that this unique partnership was directly inspired by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s clarion call last year during Madaraka Day celebrations for entrepreneurs to re-imagine existing business models in the post-COVID economy to spur economic growth and deepen Kenya’s integration in the global economy.

The tourists are scheduled to visit various…

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