Uhuru leads Kenyans in mourning businessman Chris Kirubi

President Uhuru Kenyatta has sent a message of condolence to the family, friends and relatives of businessman Chris Kirubi who passed away on Monday.

In his message of comfort, Uhuru mourned Kirubi, 80, as a seasoned businessman, entrepreneur and industrialist who founded and successfully ran some of Kenya’s largest corporations.

“The cruel hand of death has robbed our nation of a patriot whose entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and determination saw him create some of our country’s largest enterprises which offer employment to thousands of our people,” Uhuru said.

Alongside running a successful business empire, the President mourned the late Kirubi as a successful mentor and coach who helped raise a generation of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

“Besides his celebrated business acumen, Kenya will remember Chris as a great coach and business mentor who raised some of our country’s best businessmen and corporate leaders,” Uhuru said.

The Head of State eulogised Kirubi as a cheerful, approachable and accessible corporate leader who loved people and interacted with all Kenyans.

“Chris was one of the most accessible corporate leaders Kenya has ever produced. He interacted with everybody and would show up in places where he was least expected. He interacted with Kenyans, especially the youth, on his radio shows, public appearances and writings, through which he shared his experiences in business and life,” he recalled.

President Kenyatta prayed to God to grant the family, friends, relatives and staff of Kirubi peace during this difficult period of mourning.

Deputy President William Ruto also eulogised the late.

“Kirubi was an irrepressible boardroom operative, media personality, developer and investor whose interests traversed multiple sectors and enterprises,” he said on Twitter.

“His presence and voice will be missed by many, and his colossal legacy, just like his towering personality, will continue to inspire emulation and elicit debate among people of all walks of…

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