Qatar Airways and GWC to support local communities with relief efforts for India

Doha: Qatar Airways and Gulf Warehousing Company has announced that they will support relief efforts for India from local communities in Qatar. 

The companies will sponsor the transportation of designated health care goods to the Indian Red Cross Society in Delhi for distribution throughout the country to help curb the Covid-19 crisis India is enduring now. 

Communities in the country can donate ventilators, oxygen concentrators, medical air compressors, and injections Remdesivir and Injection Tocilizumab. PPEs, clothes, or dry rations / groceries will not be accepted as donations. 

These donations have to be dropped off at GWC Logistics Village Qatar (Warehouse Unit -DWH1) between 9am to 9pm until the end of May. 

The company has instructed a few guidelines about shipments:

– Ventilators / Personal Oxygen Concentrators have to be in original manufacturing packaging and if they are powered by lithium batteries then that has to be informed. 
– Oxygen cylinders must be made of aluminum alloy or steel with a maximum net weight of 150kg. The working pressure of the cylinder must not exceed 2/3 of the test pressure, but not exceeding 5 bars. The cylinder must be valid within 10 years from the test period and the pressure gauge must not be damaged. 
– Pressure valve for medical air compressors must be empty (zero).
– Drugs: Injection Remdesivir / Injection Tocilizumab must be in original packaging and the material safety data sheet is required. 

The companies stated that only those goods indicated above will be accepted for donation and also that they will examine the goods and packaging to ensure compliance with the regulations.

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