Recovery Signs: Vistara noticing recovery in leisure travel |

New Delhi, July 19 India’s accelerated vaccination drive as well as pent-up demand has triggered a recovery in leisure air travel, said Tata-SIA airline Vistara.

The travel trend, which includes the VFR category, is still in a nascent stage but is expected to sustain.

In an interaction with , Vistara’s Chief Commercial Officer, Vinod Kannan, said the airline remains optimistic about the future.

“We understand that people have held back their travel plans due to various reasons like travel restrictions, rapid spread of the virus in the second wave etc., and going by the trend, we hope they will resume travelling as soon as the situation gets stabilised. In fact, we are noticing some level of recovery in VFR and leisure travel.”

On corporate travel trend, he said a complete rebound is unlikely until more of the global population is fully vaccinated.

“Corporates are already trying their best to vaccinate their staff. International travel to client locations is also inhibited to ensure that the employees are not stuck under quarantine in different countries abroad. However, we feel this is temporary.

“The number of trips may be fewer compared to pre-Covid levels; however, they will not completely stop. Virtual meetings cannot completely replace physical interactions; hence, we are positive that corporate traffic will also pick up slowly,” Kannan said.

At present, the sector faces its most challenging time with high cost of business, fluctuating demand and looming uncertainties.

However, the country’s vaccination drive has instilled confidence in the travelling population.

“Vaccination being the only known way to fight the pandemic, it is definitely expected to have an impact across all aspects of our lives, including aviation,” Kannan said.

Besides, he expects ‘vaccine passports’ to become a key requirement for the future of global travel.

“We feel that some level of relaxation can be offered to fully vaccinated travellers for ease of movement,” he said.

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