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    Google AdSense – Website monetarisieren und Einnahmen erzielen

    Einnahmen erzielen Welchen Umsatz kann ich mit AdSense erzielen? Wählen Sie aus, woher Ihre Websitebesucher kommen, und geben Sie eine Kategorie für die Website an, um Ihre potenziellen Einnahmen zu sehen. Berechnen Sie haben die Region Ihrer Websitebesucher und die Contentkategorie so festgelegt: {[ calculatorCtrl.selectedRegion[0] ]} {[ calculatorCtrl.selectedCategory[0] ]} Andere Contentkategorie auswählen Monatliche Seitenaufrufe Diese Angabe bezieht sich darauf, wie häufig pro Monat die Seiten Ihrer Website geladen und von Besuchern angesehen werden. OK {[ calculatorCtrl.pageImpressions.toLocaleString() ]} Potenzieller Jahresumsatz Dies ist ein Schätzwert, der nur als… Read further. More

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    Mobile App Monetization – Google AdMob

    Drive revenue See how much you could earn from AdMob To view your potential earnings, select a region and category for your app’s users. Calculate Your app users location and content category is set as {[calculatorCtrl.selectedRegion[0]]} {[calculatorCtrl.selectedCategory[0]]} {[calculatorCtrl.selectedDevice[0]]} Try a different content category Monthly Active Users The number of times your app opens and is viewed by human visitors per month. Ok {[calculatorCtrl.pageImpressions.toLocaleString()]} Your potential annual revenue This is an estimate and should be only used as a reference. Need a consultation? Contact us. * There’s no guarantee or commitment that you’ll earn this amount. Estimates are based on the […] More

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    Global Insights Briefing: Getting a jump on summer

    Each month, the Google Ads Research and Insights team analyzes data sets of billions of recent search queries and consumer behaviors to develop a deep understanding of key market trends. While many countries are still battling COVID-19, people in reopening markets are eager to plan post-pandemic activities. Consumers are getting an early start on summer, searching for fun things to do like “swim lessons near me,” “summer camps,” “go karts near me,” and “tickets go on sale.” This month, we see an increase in searches for personal indulgences (“formal wear,” “jewellers,” and “fancy restaurants near me”) — perhaps signs that […] More

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    Shopee deep link case study – Think with Google

    — Kevin Guan, Regional Online Marketing Manager at Shopee The results In general, 90% of Shopee conversions occur in the app. Before implementing deep links, approximately 20% of shopping traffic landed in the app. Today, Shopee is seeing 50% of shopping traffic land directly in the app, which represents a staggering 126% increase in checkouts. Take action Ultimately, deep linking helped Shopee deliver a seamless experience that made it easy for users to shop in its app. Moving forward, it plans to continue using deep links to optimize its app strategies and drive business growth. Read further. More

  • Talking Shop: Community Involvement - Think with Google

    Talking Shop: Community Involvement – Think with Google

    0:06 Keba Konte: My name is Keba Konte. 0:09 I’m the founder of Red Bay Coffee Company. 0:14 I’m an artist, an entrepreneur based here in beautiful Oakland, California. 0:15 Maxwell: Hey, my name is Maxwell. 0:16 I’m from Brooklyn. 0:20 I love making music, and I’m grateful to just keep making music. 0:25 Konte: You know, one of your songs, “Lifetime,” man, that song was just like ringing the truth, 0:27 and it was like an ode to the entrepreneur. 0:32 Maxwell: I made a promise to myself, like, if I was gonna get this opportunity, I promise 0:38 […] More

  • Oreo case study: Ad personalization at scale

    Oreo case study: Ad personalization at scale

    In India, Cadbury Fuse launched the “Don’t go far for hunger” campaign, which leveraged automation to drive consideration with specific audiences. Optimized creative combined eight consumer passion points, like cricket or Game of Thrones, with six other more tactical dynamic elements, including time, day of the week, and 63 geolocations, resulting in 92,000 unique, personalized assets. The campaign drove 80 million impressions, a click-through rate 2.6X better than the CPG benchmark, and a 50% increase in ad recall, all while dramatically reducing creative development and tracking time. Connect your infrastructure for speedy scaling Scaling empathetic personalization requires a symbiotic relationship […] More

  • Global Insights Briefing: One year into COVID

    Global Insights Briefing: One year into COVID

    Each month, the Google Ads Research and Insights team analyzes data sets of billions of recent search queries and consumer behaviors to develop a deep understanding of key trends. After almost one year into the COVID-19 shutdown, consumer confidence in a global recovery is slowly rising, although concerns remain. Many people want to stretch their money by prioritizing affordability without sacrificing value. This month, we see growing interest in budgeting, with searches for “low budget,” “affordable health insurance,” and “outlet online” on the rise. People also continue to search for wellness advice, like “best time to take vitamin” or “best […] More

  • Post-pandemic trends redefining video behavior

    Post-pandemic trends redefining video behavior

    Creators spend considerable time and effort building authentic connections with their audiences, and, as a result, they’re uniquely positioned to offer trustworthy brand and product recommendations. Take iJustine, for instance, who vlogs about all types of tech gear, from mobile phones to consumer drones. Her expert reviews are a resource that her fans have come to depend on. The unique role creators play in the customer journey has created opportunities for platforms like YouTube to offer more seamless shopping experiences. We’re currently beta testing a new offering that allows viewers to tap into the credibility and knowledge of their favorite […] More

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