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  • Why marketing and finance must be in sync

    Why marketing and finance must be in sync

    We’ve all heard that CMOs have the shortest tenure in the C-suite. But not many people know that CFOs have the second-longest runs after CEOs. As marketing becomes more about lifetime customer value, CMOs need time and agility to succeed, and with CFOs at their side, this becomes possible. Together, this duo can make the case for the investments needed to allow for maximum growth and innovation. Meet the new power couple It’s an old trope that marketers are fuzzy-headed creatives and the finance team is a bunch of bean counters, that one is a cost center and the other […] More

  • 5 tips to promote diversity in your business

    5 tips to promote diversity in your business

    Anna Vainer is the founder of #IAmRemarkable, a global initiative from Google that empowers people to build self-confidence and self-promotion skills, particularly among individuals from underrepresented groups. We know it’s true: Diversity within organizations leads to better products, stronger ideas, greater customer engagement, and better financial performance. McKinsey research shows companies in the top quartile for gender or racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians. Other research shows companies with greater equality in their workplace have significantly more innovative business mindsets, which helps them thrive and grow. Yet underrepresented groups remain […] More

  • Western Union’s digital transformation - Think with Google

    Western Union’s digital transformation – Think with Google

    Best practices were also key. Becoming digital first meant we needed to deliver fast, frictionless experiences, especially on mobile. Improvements that we made to our app’s digital customer experience, for example, helped it become one of the most downloaded apps among our peer set in 2020. You’re now a year into your role as CMO and leading through a prolonged global crisis. What are the biggest lessons you learned? Jaffin: Western Union has a culture of innovating to meet customer needs, and the past 12 months have shown us that quick pivots can drive lasting change. My team and I […] More

  • Socially distant celebrations & travel interest

    Socially distant celebrations & travel interest

    Each month, the Google Ads Research and Insights team analyzes data sets of billions of recent search queries and consumer behaviors to develop a deep understanding of key trends. This month, we saw signs of travel interest picking up, with searches for “resorts near me,” “hotel booking app,” and “passport size” growing. Some people, however, are very much homebound and searching for things like “romantic getaway” closer to home, or seeking out how to create a “watch party” (for example, “youtube watch party” or “private watch party”) for socially distanced celebrations. Almost a year into quarantine, people are still searching […] More

  • Talking Shop: A discussion on inclusive spaces

    Talking Shop: A discussion on inclusive spaces

    0:01 Ayesha Curry: Hi, Sherri! 0:09 Sherri McMullen: Hi, Ayesha! 0:11 Ayesha Curry: So good to see you. 0:12 Sherri McMullen: So good to see you. 0:16 Ayesha Curry: My name’s Ayesha Curry, and I am currently at my new flagship location 0:18 here in Oakland, California, Sweet July. 0:20 Sherri McMullen: I am Sherri McMullen. 0:26 I’m the founder of McMullen boutique here in Oakland. 0:33 I’ve had the business for 13 years now, and it is a luxury women’s and lifestyle business 0:37 focused on emerging designers, female designers, and Black designers. 0:39 Founding Inspiration 0:45 More

  • YouTube fashion's reinvention during the pandemic

    YouTube fashion’s reinvention during the pandemic

    Across the Channel, London Fashion Week was the first to take place entirely online. Sixty-eight brands launched their latest collections on YouTube, many of them live or using Premieres, a feature that allows viewers to watch a new video alongside the creator, as if at a movie or TV show premiere. Many brands also took the opportunity to highlight issues far beyond fashion. Halpern, for example, paid tribute to front-line workers, while Bethany Williams replaced the traditional catwalk show with a YouTube video showcasing the work she does with homeless moms and their children. In Milan, 33 brands rolled out […] More

  • How diversity processes push us forward

    How diversity processes push us forward

    Over several months, the team worked with internal and external partners to develop and test four rounds of inclusive names via focus groups and surveys with diverse audiences. The top three names were then presented to the global Gayglers community for voting to ensure everyone had a chance for their voices to be heard. Once the winner was decided, the work began to bring the new identity to life across all touchpoints, including our ERG logo. Ensuring that all aspects of the update were inclusive and community led, LGBTQ+ Googlers were involved in the creative and design process, consulting and […] More

  • Ask a Researcher: Consumer behavior

    Ask a Researcher: Consumer behavior

    0:01 Alistair Rennie: The status quo is the status quo for a reason, you know. It’s been tried; 0:06 it’s been tested; it’s been proven. 0:10 So if you’re going to challenge that, you know, you need to have a really good reason 0:14 and some pretty robust data to back it up. 0:20 Hi, I’m Natalie Zmuda, global executive editor with Think with Google. 0:22 Welcome to Ask a Researcher from home. 0:27 I’m here today with Alistair Rennie. He’s a market insights lead, based in EMEA. 0:29 Thanks Ali for joining us today. 0:31 Thanks very much […] More

  • What behavioral science research tells us

    What behavioral science research tells us

    0:07 Natalie Zmuda: Hi, I’m Natalie Zmuda, global executive editor 0:08 of Think with Google. 0:11 Welcome to Ask a Researcher from home. 0:15 Today, I’m joined by Alistair Rennie, a research lead in Google’s market insights 0:17 Alistair Rennie: Hi, thanks for having me. 0:20 Natalie: Ali, the last time we spoke, we discussed 0:24 your latest research project, Decoding Decisions, which looks at changes in search behavior 0:26 over the last 15 years. 0:29 Can you tell me how behavioral science plays a role in the research? 0:33 Alistair: Okay, well over the last five or six decades, […] More

  • 4 steps to more inclusive, precise language

    4 steps to more inclusive, precise language

    3. Account for intersectionality to avoid oversimplification An important part of using precise language is ensuring your marketing materials, websites, and any other assets reflect the world around us. Doing this effectively means acknowledging the intersectionality of people’s identities, and ensuring your campaigns represent this intersectionality accordingly. Take this sentence as an example: “COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on people of color and women-owned small businesses.” Even with the best intentions — in this case, shining a light on an injustice — this sentence’s wording separates gender and race, and inadvertently excludes small business owners who are people of […] More

  • Ordinary Day Film 2020 - Think with Google

    Ordinary Day Film 2020 – Think with Google

    On July 25, 2020, the world came together to tell the story of a single day. As part of YouTube Originals’ follow-up to its 2010 film “Life in a Day,“ thousands of people from all over the globe picked up their cameras and shared their unique, authentic experiences in that way that only video can capture. Whether it’s a couple in the throes of infertility or sky divers reaching new heights, watching their stories across borders and circumstances gives us a glimpse into what connects all of us in this unprecedented time in history. For marketers, “Life in a Day […] More

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