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    Indian Employees & Students Urge Germany to Lift Travel Ban –

    More than a hundred Indian nationals who have a job offer in German companies and admitted students in German colleges have requested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to exempt them from the travel ban that the country has in place. The signatories of the petition include researchers, data scientists, managers, and engineers who wrote to the German Government by stating that their employment is at risk due to the travel restrictions that Germany has imposed against arrivals from India. Germany imposed a travel ban against arrivals from India on April 26, 2021, which just recently has been extended until […] More

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    ‘During the Wake, the Police Passed by More than 30 Times in A Car, Very Slowly, Aiming their Rifle’

    In the middle of the afternoon on June 12, a Saturday, tourism worker Antonio Rengifo Vargas left his home in Santa Rosa (Peru), crossed the Solimões River by boat, and arrived in Tabatinga (AM) to celebrate his 20th birthday from the day before. He was then detained by the Military Police of Amazonas, and found dead the following day in the city’s garbage dump, alongside two other bodies. After investigating on his own, his father, tourism businessman Antonio Rengifo Baldino, 50, has no doubt that he was tortured and murdered by the military police. Feeling threatened, he did not seek […] More

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    Starting From Tuesday Germany Bans Travel From Portugal & Russia Over COVID Delta Variant –

    Travelling to Germany from Portugal & Russia will be banned starting from Tuesday, June 29, due to the high number of cases of the Coronavirus Delta variant detected in both countries in recent weeks. The German Robert Koch Institute, a German federal government agency and research institute responsible for disease control and prevention, has unfolded on Friday, June 25, the new list of countries with COVID-19 variants, including both Russia and Portugal in the list. The move means that aside from citizens and residents of Germany, all other travel from both these countries will be prohibited. German citizens and residents […] More

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    Pack Your Bags, Europe Is Reopening for Travel (This Time for Real) –

    It is true! The European Union is finally reopening for the majority of travellers worldwide, and trips put at a halt since March 2020 can finally happen. The continent of Europe is set to reopen to travellers this summer, in one way or another, preventing summer 2020 from repeating itself. The Coronavirus pandemic has hit hard in particular countries that rely on summer tourism, like Greece, Spain and Italy. Last summer, like never before, most European beaches were shut, just like the rest of the tourist attractions throughout the continent. The absence of tourists affected the economy of every single […] More

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    Paraguayans Take Advantage of Devalued Real and Go Shopping in Brazil

    At the same time that the number of Brazilian tourists fell, Nasser Hassan, a shoe store merchant in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), estimates that the movement of Paraguayan consumers in his establishment has increased by about 50%, for retail and wholesale, compared to last year. The devaluation of the real, the uncertain recovery of the economy, and the blow to the tourism sector caused by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus have helped to change the behavior of consumers at the border with Paraguay. Neighbors are now taking advantage of the exchange rate. Merchant wholesalers in the region are also […] More

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