All of downtown a stage for aesthetic education of youth

Ti Gong

Students pose in front of the Normandie Apartments on Wukang Road.

Shanghai’s downtown art troupes and institutes will present classic music, operas, dramas and art courses on campuses to enhance the aesthetic and humanistic quality of local youngsters.

The first batch of 13 art troupes and theaters, including the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and Shanghai Yueju Opera House, established an aesthetic education alliance over the weekend with seven primary and middle schools in Hunan Road Subdistrict of Xuhui.

Seven courses covering reading and painting, film, stage drama, children’s performance, theatrical art, traditional Chinese opera and classic music have been released for the students.

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Shangyin Opera House will host lectures, music workshops and art talks at the schools, while inviting the students to the theaters.

Students will…

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