Building a borderless regional appeal

A Huizhou-style house native to ancient East China stands in Salem in the US city of Boston, Massachusetts.

The building, called Yinyutang, was transported there from Xiuning county in Huangshan city, Anhui province. Huangshan is the current name of the ancient Huizhou prefecture, which is known for the Huizhou culture created by merchants who ran businesses across China.

Thanks to the efforts of Nancy Berliner, the former curator of Chinese art at the Peabody Essex Museum, Yinyutang was shipped more than 11,200 kilometers from its original site to Salem in the late 1990s.

Although this cost more than $100 million, many visitors believe it’s invaluable.

It testifies to the friendship between the peoples of China and the US, and opened a window for people in the US to learn about Chinese and, particularly, Huizhou culture.

Yinyutang’s hometown hosts thousands of such structures-many of which are well-preserved-that continue to offer testimony to…

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