Cultural events of the week: April 26-May 02

Editor’s note: A famous red classic opera “Sister Jiang” based on the novel “The Red Crag”, a calligraphy exhibition of artist Shen Peng’s poems and Zhang Yimou’s blockbuster “Cliff Walkers”, are three events you won’t want to miss this week.

1, Opera “Sister Jiang”

Sister Jiang, a red classic opera, is a monument in the history of Chinese national opera, which is created based on the famous novel “The Red Crag” by Luo Guangbin and Yang Yiyan. As an item in Shanghai Opera House’s repertoire, “Sister Jiang” has been revived repeatedly over the past 60 years since it was premiered in 1965 by Ren Guizhen, the first generation in the title role. Six generations of Sister Jiang have made their appearance in more than 500 performances delivered on the stage, on campus and in local communities.

Venue: National Center for the Performing Arts

Dates: April 30-May 01

2, Calligraphy exhibition of Shen Peng’s poems

The exhibition includes 20 representative works donated by Shen Peng to the National…

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