Hope springs from ancient terraced paddies

Hope springs from ancient terraced paddies

KUNMING-For over 1,300 years, the Hani people in Southwest China have plowed rice terraces that appear to cascade down the lush hillsides and form a spectacular view. The terraced fields in Yuanyang county, Yunnan province, made it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2013.

The agricultural wonder was created by the Hani, an ethnic group that mostly inhabits an area near the Ailao Mountains.

The Hani built a series of channels to direct water from the forested hilltop to nurture paddies on the mountain slopes. Tourists flock to view the vista every winter, when the clear sky is reflected in the flooded fields.

In late 2008, the Yunnan Expo Yuanyang Hani Terraced Fields Culture Tourism Development, was…

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