How do You Solve a Problem Like Closed Borders? Sarah Keenlyside on How Travel Companies Can Adapt

Running your own company in China can be equal parts rewarding and challenging at the best of times but particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and perhaps none more so than when that company is a travel company. Since borders closed to most international visitors at the end of March 2020, travel companies in China have had to scramble to adapt, although with domestic travel largely back on track, many are finding that there are new business opportunities to explore.

We spoke to Sarah Keenlyside, CEO of Beijing-based agency Bespoke Travel Agency, about the impact 2020-21 has had on the travel industry, what similar companies can do in response, and her predictions for the future of travel.

The company began life in 2010 as Bespoke Beijing, a small outfit offering customized guidebooks to independent travelers coming from overseas. Today, they offer intellectually curious travelers a chance to get off the beaten path, only eat fabulous food, stay in the most characterful…

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