Italy moves to reform its tourism industry

Tourists visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, on June 28. [Photo/Xinhua]

Over the last two years, Italy”s massive tourism sector has been a study in contrasts: first too many tourists crowding the country’s most popular spots, then almost none at all. Now, the sector is seeking to strike the right balance between the two extremes.

Before the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Italy, the big worry about tourism was overcrowding: the impact on infrastructure, the environment and the quality of life of residents as a result of the millions of tourists who clustered in a handful of locations, like Florence, Rome and Venice.

Then, with the pandemic, tourists practically vanished amid coronavirus lockdowns and travel restrictions. The tourism sector, which was responsible for pulling in 236.4 billion euros ($280.6 billion) in revenue in 2019, produced just 115.8 billion euros last year, according to the data firm Statista.

According to most estimates,…

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