Life’s beautiful when countryside gets revitalized

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes-so goes a saying. Meaning, the source material or the template may be one, but each person could interpret it his or her own way.

Similarly, a policy, plan or strategy could be implemented in several customized or imaginative ways in each location. That’s what I learned during a recent seven-day tour of villages.

The nation’s rural revitalization strategy is paying off handsome dividends in a variety of ways cross China.

Just over six months back, China shifted its poverty alleviation campaign into the rural revitalization framework. The larger goal is to bring about a boom in local industrial development, make rural environment habitable, and guide rural lives toward more prosperity.

In Qingyuan in southeastern Guangdong province, I saw some hitherto abandoned old houses revamped into high-end resorts. These now boost rural tourism and leisure agriculture.

In Macheng, Hubei province, the villages…

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