Nation’s long-term vision on track to making further progress

Robert Kuhn still has a vivid memory of his conversation with President Xi Jinping back in 2006, when Xi was the secretary of the Communist Party of China Zhejiang Provincial Committee.

Even though Zhejiang was one of China’s fastest-growing regions at that time, Kuhn, chairman of the Kuhn Foundation and honoree of the China Reform Friendship Medal, recalled Xi telling him that “we should have a cautious appraisal of our accomplishments. We should never overestimate our accomplishments or indulge ourselves in our achievements”.

It was under the same guiding principle of “continuing to improve” that Xi this year outlined China’s growth strategy going forward, including steps to reduce relative poverty, close the wealth gap and work toward common prosperity after having declared a complete victory in the battle against absolute poverty in rural areas, he noted. Xi has also stressed the need to pursue a rural vitalization strategy in the next step.


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