Photo week focuses on industrial and revolutionary relics

Ti Gong

Photographers take pictures of a statue of the revolutionary martyr Xu Keqiang (1908-1942) in Songnan Park.

A photography week focused on Shanghai’s northern industrial heritage and revolutionary history was launched today to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The Tourism and Photography Week began in Songnan Town in Baoshan District, a vibrant industrial center in the 1990s.

Photographers from home and abroad have been invited to former factories and industrial sites during the five-day event that runs through Sunday.

Many of the sites remain closed to the public and will be redeveloped, while others have been transformed into museums and innovation parks.

They include the former factory houses of the city’s earliest glassware plant, a motorcycle factory, an iron alloy plant, a gas plant and a warehouse for China’s early exports.

The Shanghai Museum of Glass,…

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