Precautions for a safe May Day holiday

The number of new coronavirus infections totaled 5.75 million worldwide in the past week, among which 40 percent are in China’s land neighbors. There is no sign that this wave of pandemic will ebb any time soon despite the rapid increase of vaccine doses administered.

Vaccines work, but the battle against the virus will not be won solely relying on vaccines. What China has achieved in containing the spread of the virus speaks volumes about how important it is to strictly observe prevention and control measures such as limiting the size of gatherings, maintaining social distancing and always wearing masks when going to public venues, and washing hands frequently.

Despite the fact that the Chinese mainland has witnessed no new domestic cases for more than a month and some provinces and autonomous regions have been free from local cases even for months, there should be no letup as far as the prevention and control measures are concerned. The country had…

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