Star tour guide’s dedication: 16 years in tourism, not a single complaint

In 16 years working as a tour guide in Yunnan province, Zhang Yu has never received a complaint. That’s quite a feat for someone who has welcomed over 40,000 tourists and works in an industry where dealing with dissatisfaction is part of the job. As a result, he’s the first tour guide from Yunnan to win a National May Day Labor Medal.

At the Yunnan Lijiang White Deer Travel Agency, Zhang is known by his colleagues as the “fire extinguisher”-for whenever there is a problem, he’s always the one to solve it.

“We often encounter picky tourists, but as a tour guide, our job is to smile and listen patiently to their complaints,” Zhang said.

His friend and partner, Zhang Bin, thinks that people with a sense of professionalism are superheroes. “Zhang Yu takes his occupation as his faith, and for 16 years, he’s been very hardworking.”

When he first started the job, Zhang Yu was so nervous that he couldn’t talk to the tourists and just sang to them instead….

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