Village at crossroads of tourism and opportunity

Once deemed a geographical disadvantage, a village in Zhejiang province has now become an appealing tourism destination.

Shantang village sits in the northeastern tip of Guangchen town and was off the beaten track when the road was not in good condition.

However, as transportation improved, the close proximity to Shanghai has piqued travelers’ interest toward the village that is connected to Shanghai by a stone bridge over a river.

Jin Jiandong, Party secretary of Shantang, says many travelers want to see what the village at the juncture of Zhejiang and Shanghai is like.

“Visitors have made their way here over the years,” Jin says.

Tourists can walk among lush trees and grasslands, take in the view of the lake while getting a glimpse into the past through old items such as sewing machines, radios and photos that are preserved in a museum converted from an old residence.

In 2018, local authorities drew up a plan to turn the village into a…

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