Yunnan's biodiversity thrives under watchful eyes

Yunnan’s biodiversity thrives under watchful eyes

KUNMING-Don’t be confused if you are told that Skywalker has been spotted in the forests of Southwest China. Instead of the Jedi from Star Wars, it refers to a gibbon species named by Chinese scientists.

Identified by its white eyebrows, this species of gibbon was discovered in the Gaoligong Mountains in 2017. The mountain range links three biodiversity hot spots including the Himalayas and vast mountains in southern Asia. All 34 biodiversity hot spots around the world are areas that are rich in wildlife and at high risk of destruction.

In terms of the number of species, Gaoligong Mountains is home to about 17 percent of higher plants, 30 percent of mammals and 35 percent of birds in China.

The eco-region…

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