AP IFS Officer Gives India’s Only Orchid Sanctuary A Facelift in 21 Days

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Ankit Kumar of the 2019 batch—who is currently posted at Bhalukpong and in charge of the Tippi Range of Khellong Forest Division, Arunachal Pradesh—along with his team has been instrumental in giving Sessa Orchid Sanctuary a new lease on life.

Notified in November 1989 under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, the sanctuary, often referred to as a ‘Paradise of Blooming Flowers’, is home to more than 236 species of orchids, as well as a wealthy diversity of mushrooms and other medicinal plants.

Speaking to The Better India, Ankit says, “The orchid sanctuary was inaugurated way back in 1981 but with no real infrastructure upgradation, there has been no ecotourism that was developed in the…

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