Aussies in IPL eye Maldives route home after league is halted

Foreign players in the Indian Premier League will spend sleepless nights after being left stranded in India following the postponement of the Twenty20 league on Tuesday. As part of steps taken to control possible Covid-19 transmission from people travelling from India, many countries have adopted different protocols, ranging from quarantine to a complete ban on entry.

While most countries allow their residents to enter after serving quarantine, Australian citizens will have a tough time figuring out a way to travel home. There is a blanket ban on the entry of Australian citizens who have recently been in India, until at least May 15. The Australian government has said those flouting the rule could face five years in jail or a $66,000 fine.

Australian PM Scott Morrison though told the local media on Tuesday that jail terms are unlikely. Amid harsh criticism of the government over a possible jail term, Morrison said it was “highly unlikely”. He added: “I think the likelihood of…

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