Boost to medical and health tourism in India! Centre forms board for promotion medical sciences in India

Apart from this, the ministry has produced brochures, CDs, and other material for publicity of medical tourism and has also started distributing them widely in the intended markets. (Image: Reuters)

Medical tourism in India: India is looking to promote medical tourism in the country and therefore, the Union Ministry of Tourism has constituted a National Medical and Wellness Tourism Board which would be chaired by the tourism minister. Moreover, the ministry has also formed a draft national strategy so that India can be promoted as a medical and health tourism destination. Accordingly, the government has introduced medical visas along with e-medical visa for 166 countries, and as part of the policy, Yoga and Ayurveda tourism would also be promoted along with any alternative form of medicine under Indian system of medicine that is covered under AYUSH. The ministry, in a statement, said that the board would act as an umbrella body for promoting this type of tourism in an organised…

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