COVID-19 Updates: India Records 1.8 Lakh Cases, Most Jabs Since April 26, Lockdowns Extended

India reported 1,86,163 fresh Covid-19 cases on Thursday, the lowest daily count in 44 days, as infections continued to decrease in the country. The daily toll, however, remained over 3,000, with 3,203 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

This was the second time this week that the daily tally of new cases had fallen below the 2-lakh mark, the first time being on Monday.

At 28.5L Vaccinations In A Day, Thursday Saw Most Daily Jabs Given Since April 26

Thursday saw the highest daily vaccination level in India since April 26 with over 28.5 lakh doses having been administered till 9 pm. It was only the second time in May that more than 25 lakh shots were provided in one day. April 26 had seen 31 lakh doses being given.


After reaching a peak of 41.6 lakh doses on April 6, numbers had fallen for the first three weeks of May to under 16.3 lakh a day and the daily average in the third week was barely over 13 lakh.

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