COVID health passes, future of travel and life? France shows the way

COVID-19 hit the world last year, making us stay inside, as the pandemic wreaked havoc all across the world. Of course, the world of travel had never come to a standstill that it is still in, even as the travel industry is staggering and trying to come back to life. Now, with vaccination drives running all over the world, it is expected that international borders will reopen as well. But, would the world be as it was before the pandemic. Most likely not; and France might just be showing the way.

In France, everyone needs to have a COVID health pass for things that were once regular, as regular as stepping out for a coffee or a movie. Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that COVID health passes would be required for such activities and the same might be pushed into effect from July 21. While it is seen as French government’s push to get more people vaccinated, the rising concern for Delta variant is also palpable.

France’s move to make the use of COVID health pass…

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