Covid Norms Up in the Air as Hundreds of People Flock Tourists Spots in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Himachal

Favourite tourist centres at Maharashtra, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh see huge rush during the weekend without observing Covid protocols.

As the Covid-19 second wave receding faster than expected, the people locked up during the pandemic showing their appetite to visit people and places.

In States such as Maharashtra, the local administration decided to gradually relax the restrictions imposed during the lockdown. Looks likes this is probably what people have been waiting for since the second wave of the Corona. As soon as it is unlocked, people are flocking to tourist destinations.

Immediately after the rains, Mumbaikars thronged the hill area of Lonavla, Navi Mumbai and also turned towards the hills near Pune.

Lions Point and Tiger Point at Lonavla are seen to be crowded despite the police presence. There is a traffic jam on the streets of Lonavla. Despite the closure of tourist places as per the government rules, the citizens have entered these areas by jumping over the walls…

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