Curbs on transit Indian passengers land NRIs in trouble

Express News Service

KOCHI: NRIs who were planning to return to the Gulf countries, especially to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, were severely hit when those countries suspended direct flights from India following the second wave of Covid-19.Their plans to return to the workplaces via transit countries like Nepal and Maldives also suffered a jolt with governments there tightening norms for Indian passengers. NRIs who were planning to return to Kerala during Ramadan have postponed their travel plans fearing that they might not able to return to the Gulf from India soon.

After the suspension of flight to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, NRIs would travel via Nepal, Maldives and Bahrain. There they quarantine themselves for two weeks and get an RT-PCR test done before proceeding to their destination. However, the Nepal government has now decided to restrict Indian transit passengers and not provide RT-PCR tests. “Nepal was the preferred route as it was economical compared…

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