Health considerations are the most important factor for travel recovery: Vinay Malhotra, VFS Global

‘With changes in cross-border travel regulations and lockdowns the order of the day, customers will need to monitor the official travel advisories regularly for public health advice or lockdown guidance.’

Covid-19 has led to shutting down of international borders and foreign travel has come to a grinding halt. Barring few air-bubbles, flying for tourism purposes has still not taken off. Badly hit by the pandemic, the travel industry is waiting for the opportune time that will catalyze its revival. The pandemic has changed the international travel including visa processes forever now. There are talks of digital visas, health passports and vaccine passports, etc. In an exclusive conversation with Financial Express Online Vinay Malhotra, Regional Group Chief Operating Officer (South Asia, Middle East & North Africa and Americas), VFS Global shares his thoughts on challenges ahead of international travel, new normal in visa processing, health concerns taking the centerstage even in…

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