Himachal Pradesh updates travel guidelines; makes e-passes mandatory

A few days back, Himachal Pradesh state government announced that RT-PCR will no longer be required to enter the hill station. Soon after the announcement, thousands of cars lined up on the highway, causing a huge traffic jam, bringing traffic to a standstill on Sunday.

As per the reports, the state government has now issued a travel advisory for tourists, along with making COVID-19 e-passes mandatory for entering the hill station.

Elaborating more on the guidelines, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur stated that although the state government has now done away with the RT-PCR negative report, this doesn’t mean visitors will be allowed to flout COVID-19 guidelines. He added that those visiting the state will have to register themselves on the COVID e-pass software, so that they can be monitored.

He further added the pass applicants will then have to enter all their details in the online system, along with their details of their arrival, which will then be shared with…

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