Himachal Pradesh: ‘World’s oldest democracy’ keeps pandemic out, with outsiders | Shimla News – Times of India

MANALI: Malana village, which is known as the world’s oldest democracy, has succeeded in keeping the coronavirus out, so far. Secluded naturally, as it is perched on the far end of Parvati valley, the village is one of the largest in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district, with a population of about 2,350. However, it has always guarded its seclusion zealously and opened up to outsiders not too long ago. In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, the villagers have once again fallen back into the old habit patterns and barred the entry of outsiders since March last year.

Malana has had its own judicial system and all works in the village are still done with the ‘advice’ of Jamlu Devta, the most revered God of the residents.

Paras Ram, a local, said: “When we heard of coronavirus last year, we were terrified and we started thinking about ways to protect ourselves. The first step we took was to ban the entry of outsiders. We guarded all the entry points to ensure not a single unknown…

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