Hospitality sector crumbles in Rishikesh as nation battles second wave of pandemic

More than two million devotees offered prayer in Haridwar on April 12 as part of the Kumbh. Under ordinary circumstances, this massive footfall would have infused life into the hospitality sector, not only in Haridwar but even to the adjoining cities, including Rishikesh. But the ongoing pandemic situation has heavily impacted the hospitality sector in Uttarakhand.

Though Rishikesh is not among the worst-hit cities by Covid-19, the standard operating procedures put in place by the local administration as well as the state government has adversely affected the tourism sector in Rishikesh.


As per health department data, Rishikesh reported 37 Covid-19 cases on April 12. AIIMS Rishikesh has a dedicated Covid…

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