How Has Covid Affected The Airline Industry & How It Was Before The Pandemic

Nobody can debate over the fact that the world has permanently changed after the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the value of hygiene and cleanliness, it has made us realize many things that went unnoticed before. 

The value of digitalization and the work from home scenario has become an aspect in our lives that may become permanent as well due to coronavirus. 

However, this virus has spread worldwide without acknowledging borders. It has impacted all industries, all sectors and all aspects of our lives with devastating economic and financial losses and significant uncertainties.

One of the biggest industry that was impacted by the pandemic was the airline industry. 


Now, if you have at all travelled in an aeroplane since March 2020, you’d know how much more strict the airport security has become. From taking proper precautions to using the Covid app, the rules are intact at airports. 

However, one can’t deny that the aviation industry has gone…

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