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For Rohan Arthur, a marine biologist and scientist with the Nature Conservation Foundation, the Lakshadweep is a home away from home. But now there is trouble in his paradise with a bunch of contentious regulations threatening to upend both lives and ecology. In an interview withKetaki Desai, Arthur discusses threats to the archipelago
When was your first trip to the Lakshadweep and could you tell us why it is unique?
I first went to the Lakshadweep sometime in 1996 and have been going back there pretty much every year since. I’m a marine biologist and I’ve been studying the effects of climate change on the reefs.
The Lakshadweep has been central to my intellectual life, and it is a home away from home. It ticks all the boxes of being an island paradise. The people are among the warmest and most welcoming communities I have ever been in.
While I have spent the last 20 years worried about the impacts of climate change on the reef, I’ve become more and more concerned about the…

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