No Funds To Run Hotel, Hyatt Regency In Mumbai Shuts Down ‘Until Further Notice’

The Hyatt Regency, one of Mumbai’s best known 5-star hotels, is set to shut down “until further notice”. Indicating the financial strain it faces, the property’s authorities have said they have no money to pay salaries.

The hotel has temporarily suspended all operations due to no funds from Asian Hotels (West) Ltd., the owner of Hyatt Regency Mumbai said in a statement. The hotel, located close to the Mumbai airport, is owned by Asian Hotels (West) Ltd.


The Hyatt’s statement

In a short statement released, the hotel General Manager Hardeep Marwah said the parent firm had not sent money for operations.

“This is to inform all the on-roll staff of the hotel that no funds are forthcoming from Asian Hotels (West) Ltd, the owner of Hyatt Regency Mumbai, to enable payment of salaries or to support the operations of the hotel,” Marwah wrote.

“As a consequence, the decision has been taken to temporarily suspend all operations…with immediate effect. The hotel…

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